Boxing Glove Guide

What are the most common mistakes made when caring for boxing gloves?

The most common mistake people make after using their gloves is to drop them in their gym bag and zip it up. This is a problem because after their use, the glove are usually sweaty and wet. If gloves do not dry out properly they grow a fungus that causes a foul smelling odor. The next time you pull them out of your bag you get a whiff of some foul smells!

The best method for glove care is to let the gloves dry out after each use. You can do this by making a drying tree or hanging the gloves somewhere when you get home. Also it is very popular to buy a glove deodorant. It is common now to find glove deodorants that you can spray in the gloves after each use. These deodorants kill the fungus that causes the bad smells and will prolong the life of your gloves.