Boxing Glove Guide

Why the difference between Lace vs. Velcro™?

Simply put: you can get a tighter more secure fit using lace up gloves.

It used to be that all gloves were lace up. Now in many cases the gloves will be Velcro(TM) or also called hook and loop. This is a development in recent years that occurred because hook and loop gloves are much easier to put on and take off. If you are training by yourself it can be very difficult to put lace up gloves on with no one around to help. Also, it is difficult to pull lace gloves as tight as you would like if you are by yourself.

In almost every case now days you will end up getting hook and loop gloves for training purposes. However, lace up gloves are still used professionally and are popular if you have a coach or training partner that can help you put them on before you get in the ring.