Hand Wrap Guide

What types of hand wraps are available?

There are many types of hand wraps available now. This didn't used to be so a few years back.

Hand wraps can be broken down by size, style, and function (disposable or reusable).

Hand wrap size: The most common sizes you will see are 120" and 180". When you have smaller hand wraps you should consider buying shorter wraps. If your hand wraps are too long they will be cumbersome and you will have to make extra revolutions around your hand. This will hamper the fit of your glove.

Hand wrap style: It is common to find traditional cotton herringbone wraps, elasticized wraps, and gauze bandage hand wraps.

The traditional cotton herringbone hand wraps have been around a long time. They do not stretch. Traditional cotton hand wraps are reusable and should be washed after each use if possible.

Elastic style hand wraps are a technological advancement that arose in recent years. They are a blended combination of the traditional hand wrap combined with a gauze type bandage hand wrap used by the professionals.

The elastic hand wraps have also been called "Mexican style" because they are a modern day version of a gauze bandage hand wrap that was often made in Mexico. Elastic hand wraps have some stretch to them and tend to be more comfortable. As a result they have become more popular in recent years. They also tend to me more expensive. This wrap is also washable and reusable.

Gauze bandage hand wraps – This hand wrap is often used by professionals with a combination of sports tape. They are not used frequently at health clubs and martial arts schools because they are disposable and therefore not the most practical. It is also recommended that if you use them, you have someone who can help you put them on and tape them up properly so you get the most protection.

The style of hand wraps chosen by most people is a matter of personal preference. Some people like the tighter fit that a traditional hand wrap provides. However, others prefer the comfort of an elastic hand wrap.

Both types are available in multiple colors: red, black, blue, yellow, green are now commonly found.